Sustainable Citizen: Bike to Work Day

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 19, 2016 in General, Sustainable Citizen

By Tandy JohnsonStaff

Hello! It’s me again, and guess what week it still is? Bike to Work Week! I wasn’t joking the other day, and I am even more serious now. Get excited; because in sunny (or May Gray) San Diego (or wherever you call home) it is always a good time to break out your bike.

Bike Month is a nation-wide event that celebrates spending less money on fuel, getting more exercise, and decreasing your carbon footprint.

Experienced bikers know that it takes effort and perseverance to commit to biking to work and it takes even more determination to do so consistently. During Bike Month, bikers encourage each other to keep on going, and they encourage rookies to jump on in and give it a try.

Tomorrow, May 20 is National “Bike to Work Day” and Plant With Purpose staff members are taking up the challenge. Environmental restoration is not only lived out and practiced in Plant With Purpose’s internationally program, but it is a core value in many of our U.S. team member’s lives. Staff members are committed to sustainable practices.


Some Plant With Purpose staff ride consistently throughout the year. Avid biker Kenzie Leas explains, “It may seem a bit intimidating at first, but you just need to pick a day to ride and commit to it.” Not only is biking something that staff members feel good about, it can be very enjoyable. Biking enthusiast Dave Luebkeman says, “Cycling allows for a slower pace to take in the sights. Let your senses take over. Look at, listen to, and inhale the beauty you get to enjoy.”

Plant With Purpose’s leadership in Thailand recently completed a seven-day ride across of the northeast portion of the country, conquering 100 kilometers a day while praying for unity, peace, and reconciliation. Thailand Country Director Tui (pictured below) had lots of time to reflect as he, his colleagues, and his 13-year-old daughter cycled across Thailand.

On the morning of Friday, May 20 there will be over 100 pit stops around San Diego for you to grab snacks and drinks on your way to work. If you are a first time rider, Friday is a perfect day to start. There is no doubt you will make it, with fuel and encouragement along the way!

Get a few friends together and bike to work during Bike to Work Day. Check out bike routes and pit stops here in San Diego. And good luck!


Register for Bike to Work Day today!


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