Take Flight With These Travel Tips

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 24, 2015 in General


Between international program travel, summer vacations, Vision Trips, and presenting/attending conferences, our San Diego office tends to be a revolving door. Having our entire staff in San Diego at once is a bit of an oddity. It is safe to say that Plant With Purpose’s team is one of seasoned travelers.

Summer is still in full swing with many more beach days and trips planned to exotic locations in the months ahead. In honor of the season, here are some travel tips from our experts.


What is a must have in your carry-on while traveling?


  • Snacks. Chapstick. A book for delays. -Kirstie
  • One thing I always like to carry is a journal so I can document the trip and write out my thoughts and prayers. -Ellen
  • An extra set of the basic necessities in case there is a flight delay, cancellation, or loss of luggage. I pack a light jacket (planes are cold) and compression socks for long flights. A comfortable set of headphones is a must have. -Christi
  • A pair of clean, fuzzy socks to slip on during the flight. It is nice to take your shoes off but often planes are freezing! A close second…a healthy snack. -Donna
  • Light-weight clothing you can wash in the sink, wring dry, set out overnight, and be good to go in the morning. -Corbyn
  • A toothbrush…because nobody wants bad breath to start your adventure, and you never know how long you could be stuck in an airport. -Kenzie
  • Magazine. Notebook. Headphones, soothing music (Josh Garrels), and a downloaded podcast (the Relevant podcast is a fave). -Becky


What piece of advice would you give someone traveling internationally?


  • Be careful with set expectations for your trip and don’t pack your schedule to the point where there’s no room for spontaneity. Allow time to see where the adventure takes you. If you stumble across a great little coffee shop, a good hike, or a fun local cultural experience, DO IT! You’ll most likely never be back there and spontaneity can lead to a lot of fun and some of the most memorable experiences. -Kenzie
  • At all times, know where your passport is! Plan the essentials in advance (place to crash, means of transport). Be open to new people and new experiences. Sometimes the little spontaneous encounters are the lasting memories. -Kirstie
  • A piece of advice I would give is to remain flexible. If things don’t go according to plan, if you face unfamiliar customs, or if you get lost, see it as an opportunity to meet great people and have a new adventure! -Ellen
  • Sitting on a plane for long hours is a bit of a mind game. If you focus on this being a great opportunity to sit and watch movies and enjoy the fact that there is absolutely NOTHING required of you right now (people are actually waiting on you), then it’s a pleasant experience and time passes quickly. The moment you start to think, “Get me off this plane!” it becomes challenging.  Stay positive and calm. Once there, people are generally hospitable and willing to help especially if you are kind and offer a smile. You always get the best service, answers, and advice if you are kind, considerate, and persistent. -Christi
  • Traveling Internationally? BE FLEXIBLE and open to discovery. As long as you have your passport, toothbrush, and a little cash, be happy … you don’t really need anything else. -Donna
  • Travel light. While packing, set out all the things you think you’ll need for your trip, then leave half of it at home. -Corbyn
  • If the opportunity allows, spend time with locals! Learn what life is like for them. Eat food they prepare. Ask them travel tips and sites not to miss. Engaging with others reminds me that we all have a story to live and you never know when you might change a life through one conversation. -Becky


Are you an environmentally responsible traveler?


Frequent plane flights greatly increase your carbon footprint. Plant With Purpose friend, Colin Richard, offsets his carbon footprint by following these simple steps:

  1. Open a carbon calculation tool such as Carbonify.
  2. Google the miles you will be traveling. For example, it is 10,064 miles from Los Angeles to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Double that distance for a round-trip.
  3. Carbonify creates a monthly calculation so divide your total trip miles by 12.
  4. For this trip, it would be 1,677 miles/month. Carbonify calculates the the amount of carbon emission this trip would create and then provides the number of trees needed to offset your carbon production. In this case, 49 trees.
  5. Make a $49 donation to Plant With Purpose to plant 49 trees.

Carbonify also allows you to calculate carbon emission from car and train travel, energy use, and other everyday activities. Check it out.

What is your must-have carry-on item or best travel tip for a memorable experience?


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