The Evening Watch

Written by Becky Rosaler on November 11, 2014 in General

All weekend the beautiful brown eyes of a child lying on what appeared to be a hospital bed stared in our direction. Plant With Purpose was exhibiting at the 2013 Justice Conference with other life-changing organizations. During a quiet moment, I snuck over to the booth with the child’s photo to learn more. I learned that Preemptive Love Coalition was living and working in Iraq providing life-saving heart surgeries to children who had been affected by the chemicals of warfare. They were raising the funds, training doctors, and healing hearts one child at a time. But their work was more than that. Preemptive Love was founded on the desire to love people who most of the Western world fears embracing with open arms.


Something about the work of Preemptive Love Coalition seemed sacred. Maybe it was because they serve in a region with such deep Biblical roots. Maybe it was because they live in a place many of us have deemed only a warzone and have rejected as too dangerous. Maybe it was the message that stood out in their name, to love before love was ever extended to us.

As organizations, Plant With Purpose and Preemptive Love’s paths have continued to cross. PLC Executive Director Jeremy Courtney’s book tour is bringing him to San Diego this winter and we decided to team up for an evening. What could appear as two very distinct organizations, at the heart of the matter, are both working to extend hope to people who have little to offer in return. Plant With Purpose and Preemptive Love Coalition are both following the instructions of Jesus to love the least of these.

On December 6 Plant With Purpose and Preemptive Love Coalition will celebrate the common ground of working toward restoration and the coming Peace. Executive Directors Scott Sabin and Jeremy Courtney will share how their unique work welcomes God’s kingdom around the world. Join us as we prepare for the Christmas season that anticipates the birth of Emmanuel, God with us.

To learn more about the event and to buy tickets, go here.





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