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Written by Plant With Purpose on August 28, 2015 in The People Behind the Purpose


Welcome to our new series: The People Behind the Purpose. Stay tuned on the last Friday of every month as we get an inside glimpse into the amazing people that comprise our U.S. staff, some of their favorite things, and what inspires them to do what they do every day.

First up: If you’ve ever attended a Plant With Purpose event, or perused our social media, read the Sower newsletter, or viewed our other creative content, then you’ve witnessed the talented work of our very own Becky Rosaler. Today we’ll get a little insight into the brains and heart of this talented lady.

Want to meet her in real time? Come visit Becky and the rest of our staff at the Planting Hope Gala on Saturday, October 3. Get your tickets online today!


1. Favorite tree?

I have a hard time picking favorites. Here are my top three:

  • California Live Oaks: green pillars in a sea of gold grass means home
  • giant sequoias: amazement of God’s creation with friends or family
  • mango trees: local gathering place where people talk story and share life


2. How long you’ve worked at Plant With Purpose?

I’ve been at Plant With Purpose since January 2012.

3. Place in the world that gives you the most joy?

See number 1. In light of that, I’m going to say, anyplace I’m witness to masterpieces whether God’s creation or a creative expression of fellow humans. This includes sailing the oceans as dolphins come out to play, standing in front of Van Gogh’s Irises, listening to words and chords strung together to author genius, chasing my niece and nephews, watching God paint the sky through sunsets over the Pacific, staring at architectural feats in Prague, or hearing about God’s faithfulness in the life of another.

4. Your greatest Plant With Purpose adventure?

_TRP3608Visiting the program brings boundless adventure. In the Dominican Republic, simple activities like taking a taxi, attending saving group meetings (snakes in rafters or instantaneous dance parties), or driving to a community can be an adventure.

At Plant With Purpose, we hold high standards for the chocolate consumed in the office. A high percentage of cacao is a must! One of my most memorable days in the Dominican Republic was visiting the community of Maizal. An entire day was spent on cacao…from planting seedlings, to harvesting, processing raw materials, roasting nibs, and grinding the chocolate to create a marketable product…the day was one surprise after another. The joy and pride partnering farmers exuded as they taught us about their livelihood is a memory I’ll cherish forever. Their constant thanks to God and Plant With Purpose opened my eyes that we’re creating opportunity for people who otherwise would struggle to find economic opportunity.

5. How would you describe PWP in 4 words?

God’s heart in action

6. What inspires you to do what you do every day?

A motto I try to live by is we’re only given one life so why not live it well. Done through the lens of loving God and loving others means life is about much more than me. I feel so fortunate that Plant With Purpose works to empower others, often the most vulnerable, to experience a different tomorrow. It truly is inspiring to hear stories from the field as lives and land are transformed. To get to call this my day job…I couldn’t be more honored!

7. What do you love most about the gala?


The Planting Hope Gala is a chance for the Plant With Purpose community to come together. The gala inspires me as supporters share their enthusiasm for Plant With Purpose’s program, whether through their attendance, kind words, or generosity. It truly is an evening of celebration as people use their time, treasures, and talents to further the program. I couldn’t ask for better supporters and a community that believe in Plant With Purpose.

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