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Written by Plant With Purpose on July 28, 2016 in The People Behind the Purpose

Since 2009, Corbyn Small has served on the Plant With Purpose team, first as outreach coordinator at the San Diego headquarters, then pioneered our first regional hub in Denver where he focuses his time on building valuable partnerships throughout Colorado and surrounding states. Corbyn loves meeting and talking to new people, traveling, and exploring the vast landscapes of Colorado with his wife, Caroline.

1. Job title?

Regional Representative in Colorado

2. How long you’ve worked at Plant With Purpose?

7 years  (2.5 from Headquarters in San Diego, and 4.5 in Denver, Colorado).

3. Favorite tree?

Oak- especially the old ones that sprawl horizontally and whose heavy branches seem to defy gravity

4. Favorite summer activity?

I love getting far away from it all; exploring national forest spaces throughout the rockies. We love to camp and tend to lean more towards glamping (glamorous camping) than backpacking most the time (ie- we always have a cast iron skillet and a few really tasty meals planned to cook over an open fire). A few of our favorite camping meals are black bean, sweet potato, and egg breakfast tacos (with all the accompanying hot sauces and peppers); cast iron skillet pizzas; and pasta with an extra spicy homemade red sauce. I need to note, because we camp so glamorously and love it so much, we do not limit camping to a summer activity. We camp year round and have camped in as little as 2 degrees bundled up like eskimos in the back of our car.


5. Place in the world that gives you the most joy?

Traveling with my wife, either by plane, train, or automobile. We’d like to see more of the world south of Mexico and someday explore more of Europe together. The Grand Teton’s and Moab are on our local list for the time being. As someone who loves seeing new places and experiencing new things, I’ve come to really love this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

6. Greatest Plant With Purpose Adventure:

My wife and I were blessed to stay in the home of Elise and Wazoel, a partnering family of Plant With Purpose in Malindi, Tanzania. It was wonderful to be hosted by a family who shared how partnering with Plant With Purpose had changed their lives. We shared time in devotions and worship and were able to meet their daughter who they were able to send to university with money from their savings group (which they learned from Plant With Purpose).

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7. How would you describe Plant With Purpose in 4 words?

To pull from a few of my favorite Plant With Purpose core values, I’d say: Empowerment, Sustainability, Faith, and Innovation.

8.What inspires you to do what you do everyday?

I continually ask God to help me to see others in the way that he sees them, as children made in his image. We live in a broken world, but one that has a savior and redeemer. He has invited us to participate in the renewing of all things. I believe that that starts first with my heart, learning to see beauty in others and then working together to reverse cycles of poverty and brokenness.

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