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Written by Plant With Purpose on September 25, 2015 in The People Behind the Purpose


We have been making some changes over here at H.Q. and we’re excited to finally get to share the news with you!

The leader of our fundraising effort for the last seven years, Doug Satre, is transitioning from Director of Development to the new role of Director of Strategic Partnerships, where he will have an even greater impact in sharing the story of Plant With Purpose to our network of influencers. We’re thrilled about the transition as it means Doug will have more time to focus on speaking, writing, and meeting face-to-face with key individuals to share Plant With Purpose’s impact, and engage with strategic partners (churches, communities, individuals, corporations, and foundations). Our hope is that this change will ultimately will bring even greater transformation to the partnering farming families we serve.

We spent a little time with Doug this week hearing his story and why he’s continued engaging in our work over the past seven years. Come say hello to Doug at the Planting Hope Gala on October 3, and join us as we celebrate our growth!


1. Job title?

Director of Strategic Partnerships

2. Favorite (autumn) tree?


3. How long you’ve worked at Plant With Purpose?

Seven years

4. Place in the world that gives you the most joy?

The Sierra Nevada mountains. I grew up hiking and fishing in the Sierras and they feel like home to me.

5. Your greatest Plant With Purpose adventure?

Probably climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with 95 other people to raise money for our Tanzania program. Not everything went smoothly, but then it’s not an adventure if everything goes according to plan. Hiking the Nyakazu gorge in Burundi is a close second.

6. Describe Plant With Purpose in 4 words:

Thoughtful, Effective, Dedicated, Persistent

7. What inspires you to do what you do every day?

Knowing that I have the opportunity to be a bridge between our field staff and the farmers they work with, and our supporters here in the U.S. is an honor. These two groups don’t generally get to meet each other. I get to make that connection—communicating the commitment of our donors to our local teams and then communicating gratitude and impact from our field programs back to donors. We really are all a part of the same extended family. Doing this well is a privilege and also an intellectual challenge as we try to develop a thorough understanding of our programs and then communicate effectively.

8.What you look forward to most about autumn?

I love the way the light changes in the fall. Even though October is usually warm in San Diego, it still feels like the season has changed. And the Plant With Purpose gala is always a highlight of fall!

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