Trees Make Headlines in Tanzania

Written by Plant With Purpose on January 29, 2015 in News & Events


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Planting seedlings on a hillside near Mount Kilimanjaro

Partnering farmers in Tanzania are making headlines! Last week’s group competition celebration (read the recap post here) was featured in one of the largest newspapers in East Africa. Weekly print newspaper The Guardian announced, “Kilimanjaro villagers plant trees to restore the environment.” You can access the full article online, or check out some highlights below:

Plant With Purpose Tanzania, known locally as Floresta Tanzania, hosted the celebration attended by members of 240 local groups. Program Director Richard Mhina said, “The response has been good as more people have understood the value of planting trees and conserving the environment. We want to see water flowing in all the dried rivers and streams so as to restore the environment.”

The region’s district commissioner,  Herman Kapufi, was a chief guest at the ceremony. In his speech, he encouraged community members to protect their natural resources: “It is high time for our farmers to embark on the type of farming which is friendly to the environment. Environmental degradation contributes to poverty; so people need to change the way they do things. We believe that agribusiness will address poverty, and hence we need to use small pieces of land to get high productivity.”

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Groups celebrate a successful tree planting competition

Planting trees isn’t taking off only in Tanzania. Across Plant With Purpose country programs, reforestation continues to grow at an impressive rate. In this last quarter alone – just three month’s time – partnering farmers around the world planted one million trees! The enthusiasm of Kilimanjaro communities reflects the transformative impact of reforestation on human lives. We often talk about rooted trees leading to rooted families, and Tanzania’s recent celebration echoes this truth. Reforestation in Tanzania and across Plant With Purpose programs is changing lives and land.

Photos courtesy of Boyte Creative.

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