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Plant With Purpose’s international team of nearly 200 individuals falls under the leadership of some pretty dynamic and talented development professionals. Each country director is shaping their program—providing solutions to rural poverty, inspiring their local team, all while communicating to headquarters in San Diego.

San Diego’s department directors shine just as bright in their efforts of ending rural poverty while utilizing their unique talents here in the United States (and Canada) and abroad. Read their thoughts on why they believe in Plant With Purpose and be inspired to join them on the journey.

*Not pictured above: Christi Huizenga. Not quoted: Kristen Kreitzer, Director of Finance and Administration.


John Mitchell

Director of Field Operations


As director of field operations I thrive on the challenges of turning theory into a reality. We work in eight different countries, tackling problems as global as climate change and as local as feuding neighbors. We try to change and measure complicated things like empowerment, vocation, erosion, and income in non-cash economies. It isn’t always easy but we know our participant farmers save more, eat better, and together planted 3.25 million trees last year. Bring it on.


Doug Satre

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Plant With Purpose works with some of the neediest people in our world—subsistence farmers toiling on degraded land. But what is unique about our work is not where we work, but how: empowering farming families to develop their own talents and abilities to solve chronic problems of hunger and deforestation. Not only are they able to feed their families, but they are able to send their children to school and invest in the prosperity of their communities, living with dignity and hope.


Robert Morikawa

Technical Director


Working at Plant With Purpose is an opportunity to apply my skills and interests, serving alongside thousands of farmers and staff dedicated to the same mission. Daily I am challenged, amazed, and amused. My greatest hope is that this network of motivated people can grow and reach many more families. More than ever, we need solutions that can have an impact at the individual and national level. I know there is no silver bullet, but I am confident that Plant With Purpose is part of the solution.


Scott Sabin

Executive Director

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I have worked for Plant With Purpose for 23 years because I am convinced that our multinational team offers one of the most effective programs for solving two of the world’s most intractable problems: extreme poverty and widespread deforestation. Watching a malnourished, hopeless farmer become the empowered hero of environmental restoration as she changes the destiny of her family and community is one of the most gratifying things I can imagine. It is something we are witnessing every day.


Christina Huizenga

Director of Development and Marketing


Plant With Purpose shines brightly in the area of sustainability. Some organizations measure sustainability by how closely their organization resembles a profitable business. At Plant With Purpose, we take a different approach. When we talk about sustainability, we’re talking about creating long-term, locally-owned solutions that help families overcome rural poverty for good. Sustainability equals restored environments that lead to a permanent departure from poverty for partner families.

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