Dental Clinics

Meeting community's holistic needs.


In rural areas around the world, basic services are difficult to come by. Limited access to every-day utilities, markets, financial institutions, and medical’s offices add complexity to daily life. In assessing their most demanding needs, Plant With Purpose partnering communities in Oaxaca, Mexico determined that inadequate health services, including dental hygiene, is a huge need. However, they also saw a solution.

Plant With Purpose Mexico reached out to a dentist office in Oaxaca City. Together, they put on dental clinics that offer services in these rural areas. During each clinic, around 30 patients are seen for cleanings, fillings, and other oral needs. Dental hygiene workshops are paired with nutrition workshops, which build in prevention for future dental issues.

Dental clinics are just one example of Plant With Purpose meeting the holistic needs of rural farming families in some of the poorest places in the world.


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