Giving Tuesday

Give A Forest

The Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving is Giving Tuesday—a day entirely focused on generosity. This year, help rural farming families as they replant forests and revitalize their land. By planting a forest you are creating opportunity for families around the world. Trees are life for the rural poor. 

One more bit of exciting news—on Giving Tuesday $1 = 2 trees so 1 forest = 2 forests!

All #givingtuesday donations will be matched, doubling the size of your impact!


Why Trees

Retailers like to go BIG for Black Friday, and when it comes to generosity we don’t want to do any less. A forest is a lasting gift that replenishes the environment. Trees restore land by anchoring topsoil, increasing organic matter, and helping the soil absorb water. Fruit trees provide a source of food and income and allow farmers to be resilient in the face of natural disasters. 

Give what you can: Orchard = 10 trees   |  Hillside = 25 trees  | Forest = 100 trees


Global Impact

Forests in Burundi

Earlier this year, OCHA named Burundi the world’s most food insecure country. With vulnerability to droughts and natural disasters, ongoing poverty, and political unrest, life for rural farming families is hard. New forests in Burundi will restore waterways, provide food and economic security, and cultivate healthy land.

Forests in Dominican Republic

The border region between the D.R. and Haiti consists of some of the most deforested land in the world. For a long time trans-border communities had been forgotten with a national emphasis on growth in urban areas. As partnering farmers restore forests they are revitalizing their land and producing new cash crops.

Forests in Haiti

Our hearts go out to Haiti as natural disasters threaten their vulnerable land. While only two percent of original forests remain, partners in Haiti continue to plant trees to restore forests, provide fruit and wood products, and reverse the cycle of despair. Forests in Haiti mean new life and hope.

Forests in Tanzania

Our Farmer Field Schools in Tanzania are actively planting forests to make sure the area around Mount Kilimanjaro is restored for future generations of farmers. Each year partners in Tanzania plant more than a million trees to reverse the trend of deforestation and create opportunities to support their families.


Tell Your Friends

From Friday, November 24 through Tuesday, November 28, Plant With Purpose will plant a tree for every new follow across our social media platforms. Join us as we engage our online community to give trees on Giving Tuesday.