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Plant With Purpose 30th Anniversary

Planting Seeds Today to change futures tomorrow

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For 30 years, Plant With Purpose has equipped thousands of farming families
to lift themselves out of poverty and grow generational change.

In the next Two years, we will double this impact.


New people


New Communities


New Countries

Our Holistic Approach

Getting at the roots of rural poverty


By planting trees and teaching sustainable agriculture, Plant With Purpose equips families to restore their land and grow more food.


Plant With Purpose’s community-based savings groups provide access to savings and loans, empowering generations to pursue their dreams.


In partnership with the local church, Plant With Purpose mobilizes pastors and leaders to address needs in their community and share God’s love.


We’re poised to launch new programs in the poorest corners of the world.
Help us double our impact and Plant For Tomorrow
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$122315.3 RAISED 0% TO OUR GOAL
$3.3 million already committed
$200,000 needed by October 15 to Plant For Tomorrow

Want to become even more involved? Make a long-term commitment by sponsoring a village.
When you Sponsor A Village you partner with a specific community and empower local families on a journey out of poverty. We will match you with a community in need and provide regular updates on the transformation taking root. Your recurring gift plants seeds of generational change.

$30 /month

One share to sponsor a village
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$60 /month

Two shares to sponsor a village
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$600 /month

Twenty shares to fully sponsor a village
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Plant for generations to come.

Join us for the 2015 Planting Hope Gala on October 3.
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