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70 percent of the world’s poor depend on the land to survive. But when trees are cut down, the land stops producing and families go hungry.



Your $7 plants 7 trees in 7 countries every month.

When you join Root 7, you’re doing more than putting trees in the ground. You’re planting healing, opportunity, and hope for a better future. You see, trees restore the environment, clean the water, nourish the soil, protect farms from erosion, and provide a source of income and food for farming families. In short, trees are life to the rural poor.


EARTH MONTH Tree Planting Competition

Inspired by Tanzania’s reforestation success, we decided to host a little competition of our own. Here’s where you come in. This month, we plan to increase the number of trees planted across our international programs through an online tree planting campaign.

To participate in the competition, encourage your friends to visit this page and join the movement. In the comment section, have them write your name as the source of how they heard about Root 7. Whoever inspires the greatest number of trees planted will be our competition winner! If you win, we will award you a Plant With Purpose prize pack including four stainless steel tumblers, a copy of Tending to Eden, a newly redesigned t-shirt, and 100 trees planted in your honor.

Let the competition begin!






Member benefits include:

  • A stainless steel tumbler upon signing up (domestic shipping only).
  • Updates on the progress of the trees you are planting!