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Join us for an inspiring evening.

The Evening Watch: Waiting for the coming Peace

A collaboration between Plant With Purpose + Preemptive Love Coalition
December 6 from 6:00-9:00 p.m.


What does an environmental nonprofit pursuing rural community development have in common with a nonprofit providing life-saving heart surgeries to children in Iraq? While each organization pursues humanitarian solutions differently, both seek justice and peace in areas of conflict and need.

As an international development organization, Plant With Purpose reverses deforestation and poverty in rural communities around the world. Our holistic model empowers families to find sustainable solutions to environmental, economic, and spiritual needs.

Preemptive Love Coalition delivers surgeries to Iraqi children born with life threatening heart defects. It is estimated that children born in Iraq are ten times more likely to be born with heart defects, due to decades of war. Combined with a lack of medical infrastructure to properly heal these children, the backlog of those needing surgery grows faster than doctors can act. Preemptive Love Coalition coordinates medical personnel from around the world to train Iraqi doctors and nurses who perform surgeries, thus investing in the Iraqi people. Preemptive Love Coalition recently integrated relief efforts for displaced families into their scope of work.

Both organizations seek to empower the local communities. They are driven by a desire to see God’s love in action in places where access to food, income, and healthcare is limited by poverty or war. As nonprofits, both bring relief to areas suffering from conflict or lack of resources. Both are uniquely pursuing restoration.

In a collaborative evening on December 6, Executive Director Scott Sabin of Plant With Purpose and Executive Director Jeremy Courtney of Preemptive Love Coalition will reflect on the core Christian values of peace, justice, and loving our global neighbors.

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