Testimony of Transformation: Violeta


Violeta Josefina Montilla lives in El Aguacero, a small community in Medina. The young mother of three radiates excitement as she shares the changes she’s experienced through Plant With Purpose. And with good reason—her life looks radically different than it did a few years ago. Like many of her neighbors, Violeta struggled to survive day to day. She and her husband Juan earned a meager income. She walked miles to the nearest bank to save what little money they had, incurring high fees. They never knew where their next meal would come from or if they could afford to keep their kids in school. Today, Violeta shares a new story.

Through Plant With Purpose, Violeta joined a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) of local women. The group offers a safe place for the women to save money, access loans, and experience Christ-centered community. They call themselves Mujeres Sin Límites, or Women Without Limits. The name is fitting since Plant With Purpose’s VSLA groups remove obstacles to economic security that women like Violeta face. Now, Violeta can save money conveniently and without fees, and can borrow loans for healthcare, school fees, and other household needs.

Since partnering with Plant With Purpose, Violeta has become a leader in El Aguacero. Her community elected her vice president of the school association, where she uses her gifts and influence to promote local education. Violeta’s own transformation gives her hope for a transformed El Aguacero. She sees potential for a community that cares for the environment, lives in unity, and uses community-based savings as a tool to foster social, economic, and spiritual development.

“I’m convinced unity makes a force,” she says. It is this vision that makes Violeta a force of nature and an agent of change in her community.

Though her story is unique, it is not unusual. Plant With Purpose works to equip individuals like Violeta to use their own gifts to lift themselves out of poverty. We invite you to join us in empowering farming families and individuals in Medina, Dominican Republic to change their circumstances and live with God-given hope and dignity.

On behalf of partnering families like Violeta’s, we thank Waterstone Community Church for prayerfully and generously partnering with Plant With Purpose in Medina, Dominican Republic.

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